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Smoother ride...

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Has anyone test driven a honda civic hybrid, its insane how great the ride is. Does anyone know how I could make my insight as smooth of a ride as the civic hybrid.
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Let's see....

Add about 800lbs, extend the wheelbase, replace the platform, body and all suspension components for starters.

Next question.
You're talking about two completely different cars, one is built for the masses, one is built for mileage freaks who would chop off an arm if they could figure out a way to shift without it.

Does anyone know the MPG impact that the suspension makes? I noticed a much smoother ride when I was carrying an extra 200 lbs, though my mileage dropped dramatically.
what would you recommend like Koni adjustables, and eibach springs?
You like the Civic? Just wait for the 6cylinder highbred Accord LX (Leather and all the doodads) coming out this fall. Wonder what the price will be. Ext1jdh mentioned a leg. I would guess a leg too.
I like the ride. not the looks. yeah I am either doing leather or like a pleather becasue i live in florida and i dont want to stick to the seats.
Some of us have chopped off our left arms here in the US, because you only really need your left arm for the window controls, and you can adjust them with your nose if you attach a long pencil to it with some duct tape.

I'll post pics at my mods pages when I learn how to press the camera shutter release with my nose as well...
p.s. Seriously, if you like the smooth ride of the Civic Hybrid (which is great - I drove one myself and loved the car - and want the 2 seater and cool feel of the Insight you can change out the stock tires and do a little sound insulation and you get the smooth and quiet ride back again and still get crazy good mpg compared to any regular car and keep the Insight styling and coolness.
SPeacock said:
Ext1jdh mentioned a leg. I would guess a leg too.
When I picked up mine at Motorwerks in La Crosse WI, I spoke with the owner re the HAccord. He said it would only be slightly more than the standard Accord. Looks like Honda is stabilizingg the Price a bit. Of course, they're using parts and tech from the Insight and HCH so there's not a whole lot of new engineering.
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