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krobinso said:

Well, that's my story. My questions are:

Does anyone know why there are two ground cables, or what specifically the "transmission ground" is for?

Does anyone know enough about the computers' state machine to explain why the car would let itself run on assist only, or other consequences of running the car with no engine or transmission ground?

Thanks very much,

As an electrical engineer I hoped you'd have the answer. I don't think there's a valid design reason except for redundancy. And it appears it kept you going a few more miles :!: :)

Assist is _supposed_ to do just that (give assist) on acceleration. I don't think the system is "smart" enough to realize the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) had "died".

Not sure of some of the other ground locations and the possible overload (Read, Smoke :!: ) from loosing the big'uns. Basically any of the smaller ground that attach to the engine could have been overloaded. G101 is the main ECM ground and is located on the engine block, under the "beauty" cover and just to the left (driver's side) of the oil filler cap. Severe overloading of these wire(s) can cause cross circuiting in the looms and damage to other components. ($$$) If the insulation is visibly "blistered" near the ground screw points then further inspection is highly advised before any more key on time :!: :!: :!:

HTH! :)

But I'd still recommend investing in an ETM (for the future) :)
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