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What an expensive pain in the expense account. We have a yearly state inspection and everything on the car has to work or you don't get a sticker that says you can drive it for another year.

This is how I get around the inspection with a second set of wheels. The OE wheels have the snow tires on them. The inspection date for the car was May, but I moved it up by a month to April. So now I have the car inspected while the snow tires are on. TPMS works just fine, everything else is working, and I get my State inspection sticker.

Then I bring the car home and switch to the Summer wheels if the snow is gone and put up with the little tire symbol lit up. I do check my tires on a monthly basis and sometimes more often, especially when temperatures are taking big swings, like now.

I have a tire gauge in the car and use it. It's all about making the tires last, and getting the best fuel efficiency I can get. Tire condition plays a pretty big part in that.

Now, if like in some cars, the TPMS would report a pressure on the dash for each tire, I would be more willing to do the change and pay for the reset. It's still a pain... and can't understand why more than one sensor can be learned at a time by a car. Seems to be a pretty crude system at this time.
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