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My daily commute takes me over a small pass of 2.2mi and a 720ft elevation gain (just over 6% grade). I'm a new Insight owner and am still learning but here is how I handle my daily "hill". I ignore the shift arrow and stay in third keeping the engine well within the sweet spot of it's powerband. My speed is 50mph to 53mph and there isn't lots of assist happening but some, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the avalible electric assist. I can still accelerate if needed and the mpg for just the climb are usually over 35mpg. I've experimented with different speeds, gears amount of assist and so far this has yeilded the least battery drain and best mileage.

If anyone has suggestions I'm all eyes here, like I said I'm a newbie.

Saw my first fellow Insighter on the road this morning. 5:30am at a light and up beside me pulls an Insight of the same color. It was a crack up of a drag race as we both crawled away from the light trying for the best economy. Ahhh... new age drag racing.

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