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Yesterday I had the distinguished opportunity to drive a Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle. It was at the Clean Cities Expo here in Phoenix, which I guess is the largest alternative fuels expo in the US. Most of the major auto manufactureres had some presence there along with a lot of smaller companies which mostly had to do with fuel delivery or conversion stuff.

Anyways, to the highlight of the day they did a ride and drive session and the line for the FCX was about 3 times longer than any other line (can't blame anyone). They had the back seat open so I actually went for a ride in the back of it a few times before I got to drive it. It has a very unique blue interior, even the steering wheel. The seats centers are a mesh cloth just like the Insight, but blue! The outer fabric being grey, very nice and comfortable. You sit high up in the car, it's like a small mini van. Of course you are sitting essentially above the storage tanks. It even has Navi which will show the nearest Hydrogen refueling station.

It was a bit unnerving driving a 1 Million dollar car, but wow do I want one! I know it's probably actually slower than the Insight or Civic Hybrid for that matter, but it is torquey and feels a lot faster. It has an ultra capacitor behind the rear seat which provides extra power for fast acceleration. It has a gauge on the dash which shows the ultra capacitors state of charge. It sucks up regenerative braking fast, it will go to full in a matter of seconds.

It rides nice, it handles nice, the fit and finish is suprisingly good, considering i was driving #22 off the line. The AC was nice and cold, and it was easily 100 degrees out. I asked when I could buy one and just got laughed at. I'm sold though! I know there are all these obstacles in the way, but I'd own one in a minute if I could (preferably combined with batteries and a plug in ability for in town use). I even got an official FCX pin saying I got to drive one, also got pictures of me in the car, and a little video from the back seat of the drive around the block.

So now I can one up any of my friends who say they got to drive some sort of expensive car... I can say I got to drive a million dollar car. That would be difficult to beat.

I wish the line wern't so long, I wanted to get a picture of me acting like I was drinking out of the tail pipe :lol:
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