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PRICE = $3000. If interested, please text me at (850) 224-2108 or email me at [email protected]

Enjoyed this car immensely since 2007. Just replaced the hybrid battery 11-15-19 with a new remanufactured one from the Honda dealership. Really peppy now, averaging 65 to 80 mpg. Lifetime average is 57.3 mpg over its lifetime of 186,000 miles on the odometer. Selling because I'm moving on to a bigger car.

-- Things I should tell you --
  • The exterior paint on the roof and hood are faded.
  • There is a 2" tear in the fabric of the driver's seat (see picture).
  • The seats and floor mats are discolored.
  • Check Engine light has been on for years, code P0420 - Catalytic Converter.
  • The radio needs replacement (maybe you can fix it?)
-- Positive Points --
  • No crashes and no dents.
  • The A/C and heat work well.
  • I live in Florida, but NOT near the beach.
  • I have done timely maintenance throughout my ownership.
  • I'm an honest person who wants to give it a good home.
  • It's GREEN and people will mistake it for a spaceship.
Dashboard Readings.jpg
Exterior Blemishes II.jpg
Exterior Blemishes.jpg
Front & Side.jpg
Inside Door.jpg
Inside Front II.jpg
Inside Front.jpg
Profile Left.jpg
Rear & Side.jpg

If you wish to see more pictures, I can provide...


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But the real color name is Citrus Yellow. My car doesn't look yellow to me.

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