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2000 Silver Insight MT with AC
-Current Mileage: 294,630
-Asking Price: $1,250
-Location: Dexter, MI
-High Voltage Battery Age/Condition: Battery was replaced by dealer in 2008, I bought car in 2012, IMA light started going off in 2014-15, built a grid charger and discharger (no longer have discharger) and did pack reconditioning. Since then IMA light has never come on again and during periodic grid charges makes it into the 180ish volt range
-Transmission Condition: Has the typical 2nd gear synchro issue, can't downshift from any gear into 2nd, have to match revs in order to downshift to second. But otherwise transmission shifts well into other gears
-Engine or IMA Codes Showing: Check engine light comes on periodically for slow O2 warmup
-Interior & Exterior Condition Summary:

Seats have some fabric rips and fraying
Dash panel has some cracks in it
Window switch cover is not installed
Carpet has some wear and tear in front cabin and rear hatch area
Has an aftermarket CD player installed (disc changer still in hatch area but not connected)
Driver window stuck in up position (needs motor or repairs to make work again)
Rear defroster only works on the bottom 1-2 lines

Paint wear and fading on hood in spots
Paint chips in front bumper from highway driving
Center of bumper has small tennis ball size paint missing/bumper cover damage (looks like previous owner lightly touched a hitch ball or something)
Small chips and scrapes in random spots, but nothing that big
Black paint on window trim exterior is flaking off
Has 4 RE-92 tires from roughly 2015-2016 that have somewhere around 25-30k miles on them

Engine runs strong and has lived it's life with me on a diet of Mobil 1
Removed intake and EGR plate and cleaned fully at 212,000 miles
Replaced coil #2 (Hitachi OEM) at 252,000 + new Denso iridium plugs
AC works fairly well (8 out 10 if I had to rate it)
Replaced all ground straps in 2014

Had both brake lines replaced in the last 3 years. They both rusted through and needed replacement
Has a leaking fuel line somewhere under car, can't tell where because it's under the underpanels, needs to be fixed or replaced
Car has OBD C&C gauge that works great, housed in a custom case made out of Lego
Comes with built in Grid charger
Replaced 12V battery with Odyssey battery last year and routinely disconnect it and grid charge it to keep it in good shape

Car averages around 60mpg and if I really pay attention to it gets around 70mpg (did a trip at 289,000 miles that I got 68mpg over 400+ miles)

-Reason for Sale
I've owned this Insight since 2012. It has been without a doubt my most favorite car of all time. I've poured 100+ hours into messing with it and thoroughly enjoying it over the years. When I bought it I had another 4 seater car as an additional car, now I have two kids and only one 4 seat car and I never get to drive it anymore. So I decided to sell it. Along the way in my route to selling it at some point the fuel line rusted through and it started leaking, just enough for me to notice. I don't have the time to mess with it on my own, so I'm selling it with that item noted as someone else will need to fix the fuel line. Either section and replace the rusted piece, or replace the entire line.

Please let me know if you have any questions


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