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2003 Honda Insight, Silver
Driven 169,200 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Grey · Interior color: Grey
Fuel type: Hybrid
48.0 MPG city · 59.0 MPG highway · 53.0 MPG combined
Very good condition
Clean title
Sale price $6000
Location: Cincinnati, OH

  • IMA battery replaced in Dec 2018 when I bought the car from the 1st owner (139k miles at that time) ($3000 receipt)
  • the IMA battery has only 30k miles and is in like-new condition, as you can see on the dashboard indicator
  • automatic transmission
  • the motor and transmission are doing great, no issues
  • A/C works great
  • oil and oil filter changed in Feb 2022 (receipt)
  • brake calipers and brake pads changed in Feb 2022 (receipt)
  • serpentine belt Changed in Oct 2021 ($600 receipt)
  • transmission fluid changed in 2020
  • oil pan changed in 2018 when I bought the car because of a leak ($1450 receipt)
  • interior is fine, no tears, just the cargo mat is a bit damaged but still protecting the upholstery
  • wheels and tires are all good
  • mpg on highway is over 50
  • lifetime mpg is 48.8
  • clean title, title in hand
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