I have an unused 8 amp hour bumblebee
performance battery that has been sitting in its original box since before COVID. It was a warranted replacement from bumblebee that arrived quite late, and just after the insightfest we wanted to install it at. Now we no longer need it so it is going for sale, still brand new in box.

I'm hoping to find a local buyer in Madison, Wisconsin who would want the battery installed between June 14th to the end of June.

The price is $1,400 OBO after swapping out your old pack which I will keep. Because this is a warranty replacement that has been sitting in our living room, it will not come with a warranty from bumblebee.

The battery will be grid charged to ensure that the cells are properly balanced prior to installation.

Please note, I will be out of town until the 13th so I might not respond to messages right away.