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Southco fasteners for rear skirts?

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Someone on Yahoo pointed to some Southco parts 85-47-101-20 and 85-47-460-20 as replacement parts for the DZUS-style quarter turn fastener & receptable for the rear fender skirts.

Though Southco has a minimum $5000 order requirement, they're quite generous with product samples (as long as you have a business name and a FedEx account to cover shipping :)). So now I have a ten-pack of each, bolts and receptacles. But I also have a few questions...

Has anyone posting to InsightCentral boards used these on their own Insight? If so, how did you remove the original DZUS receptacle and make the Southco on fit? How corrosion resistant are these parts?
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Re corrosion resistance,
armin said:
Look like new, after three winters of use on salty New England roads.
Good to know, thanks.

I'm a little concerned because a magnet is strongly attracted to the clips (but not the bolts). I've always thought good quality stainless won't stick to a magnet but lower grades will. Of course, that could just be some myth I picked up somewhere :?

I'll salt-water test these for a few days and see what happens. Would hate to make new problems for myself.
Another thing - wings?

Has anyone tried using the wing head version of this part,

85-12-460-20 instead of 85-11-460-20

instead of the slotted head? Seems to make it would make remove/replace a little easier. Not sure if the wings would get in the way of anything....
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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