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Spare tire replacement?

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The spare tire on my 2000 Insight has a slow leak. I need to pump it up about every week. I have tried to get a replacement tire from two local Honda dealers and a Firestone place, with no luck. The dealer that currently has the car for a battery replacement (more on that later) said they weren't able to order one from Honda and actually called a few junk yards but weren't able to find one. Their only suggestion was that they could get us a full size spare for several hundred dollars which probably wouldn't fit under the cargo area. Firestone tried to order one, but after about a month said they wouldn't be able to get it.

Surely we can't be the only Insight owners who need to replace their spare tire! Any ideas where to get one?
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Will the regular wheel and tire fit in the spare tire space?
Is the spare the same size as on a Civic? I bet it is, and there are probably plenty available in your local junkyard...
You might also think about asking around to see if you can buy one from an Insight owner. For example, I would be happy to give you mine if I had a decent OEM regular wheel and tire...I hate those little mini-spare tires...
None, because the spare tires are not low rolling resistance tires.
No, because that's not how LRR tires work. Much of the frictional drag comes from the bending of the sidewall rubber as you drive. By using high pressure and very thin rubber in the stock tires, the flexing is reduced and what little there is doesn't involve much rubber.

The mini-tires used for spares are thick, and even though they can be run at pretty high pressures, when they flex there is more rubber involved.

There are lots of other LRR tire design considerations, too, but the bottom line is that the stock 165/65R14 tires are the lowest (known) rolling resistance tires available. Solar powered racers use even better tires, but they run at extremely high pressure, don't fit on normal rims, and don't have DOT approval...
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