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Spare tire replacement?

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The spare tire on my 2000 Insight has a slow leak. I need to pump it up about every week. I have tried to get a replacement tire from two local Honda dealers and a Firestone place, with no luck. The dealer that currently has the car for a battery replacement (more on that later) said they weren't able to order one from Honda and actually called a few junk yards but weren't able to find one. Their only suggestion was that they could get us a full size spare for several hundred dollars which probably wouldn't fit under the cargo area. Firestone tried to order one, but after about a month said they wouldn't be able to get it.

Surely we can't be the only Insight owners who need to replace their spare tire! Any ideas where to get one?
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from earlier in this thread:

A full size spare will fit in the space the normal spare sits in, but you have to kinda fold up the bottom part of the removable cubbyhole area that you would have to pull out to get to the spare. What I did when I had my Insight and travelled, was to fit the full size spare in place (no need to use the tie down bolt), fold up about the bottom two inches of the cubbyhole thingy, get it back in place, and put the matting back down. Once in, it'll stay. You can either put the jack in the cubbyhole thingy or wedge it in beside the fullsize spare below.

in other words, yes.
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