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Spare tire replacement?

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The spare tire on my 2000 Insight has a slow leak. I need to pump it up about every week. I have tried to get a replacement tire from two local Honda dealers and a Firestone place, with no luck. The dealer that currently has the car for a battery replacement (more on that later) said they weren't able to order one from Honda and actually called a few junk yards but weren't able to find one. Their only suggestion was that they could get us a full size spare for several hundred dollars which probably wouldn't fit under the cargo area. Firestone tried to order one, but after about a month said they wouldn't be able to get it.

Surely we can't be the only Insight owners who need to replace their spare tire! Any ideas where to get one?
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I'm confused...

I'm the person who recently had my Insight stolen, and recovered a week later, stripped. After fighting with the dealership and the insurance company, I finally got the car back in my possession, and am fixing it.

I need a spare tire, so I got the rim from Majestic Honda (good online prices), and now am looking for the tire. On the estimate of damages from the dealership, they specified a tire of size P165/65-R14. But someone else above said something about T115, so I'm quite confused. What size is the spare?

It's hard enough to find 165/65-R14... if that's not it, please let me know before I get the wrong thing! Also, it sounds like a "full-size" spare will fit, according to some people... does that mean, using the spare tire rim? What size tire is considered "full-size" in this case?

Thanks for the help...
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Hi Billy, thanks for the reply. I guess I'll be looking for a spare tire (I did already buy the spare tire rim) in the size that you mentioned. I'm glad I had asked, because I had initially read the parts list from the dealership wrong -- they had the spare tire rim listed, and right above it as the first line item, "TIRE P165/65/R14" -- I had naturally assumed the two items went together, but then noticed the other column... QTY 4. Doh!

The Miller Honda guys didn't even list the spare pony tire on the parts list. and don't list the size either. Is this gonna be a real pain in the rear to find? Am I better off putting a different size tire on the spare rim, whatever's cheap and easy to find?

From what I've seen (on eBay), the Civic is a slightly different size -- I've seen both 105/70R14, which would potentially work (depending on the lug nut configuration), and a 13" size.

What gets me is the fact that this spare tire does not seem to be available anywhere! (I checked HAP's website too) I called the dealership yesterday and the parts guy called a bunch of tire places then called me back to tell me "I must have told him the wrong size" -- LOL. I told him the size is based on OTHER INSIGHT OWNERS and besides, they're the HONDA DEALERSHIP -- they should KNOW what size the spare is. And furthermore, Honda is required by federal law to make sure parts are available for -- 10 years? 15 years? So, I told him they better find me one, that's all there is to it.

Sure, I could fit a different size tire in there. But I *should* be able to get the OEM tire, brand spanking new. Is this so much to ask? I just want my little rollerskate to be back to pre-theft glory... with a nice double-din nav system rammed into the Console (that's another project for another thread -- I'll post all about it when/if we finally get it done!!). :)

Thanks all...
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