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So, earlier this summer, about three week ago, my 04 Insight threw a few codes. One of those codes was P0500, or vehicle speed sensor malfunction. I was pretty aware of this issue as evidenced by the big orange "0" where my actual speed should be, and the flashing "D" light. I took my car into a Honda mechanic to verify this information, as I am 5 states away from home, and I'm not about to take any chances, and the expected was verified. The mechanic told me that I should go ahead and replace the VSS, but there may be an internal issue with the CVT tranny. Sure enough, after replacing the VSS, my car shifted fine, I had a working speedometer, and I had the biggest smile on my face. That day, I drove 4 hours without an issue and had a beautiful night in the cherry springs state park (totally unrelated). I woke up and drove for about 3 hours and stopped for lunch and to charge my computer, which took about two hours. After returning to my car which was only somewhat hot, the issue had come back. I took my Insight to a mechanic, but none of the previous codes came up. I decided to 'reinstall' my new speed sensor by taking it out and putting it back in. This seemed to work for about 30 seconds, and then the speedometer began to jump around. 13,26,34,43,190,172, ect. After a while of driving (I know, it's an awful thing to do right now) it decided to settle with 0. When it's on 0, there is no issue with shifting, because I'm pretty sure there is no shifting happening. The RPM's will not go below 4000 during highway driving. I'm not sure about city/country roads and lower speeds. When I hit large bumps or potholes, the speedometer will come on briefly, but will read the wrong speed. Normally it reads 7, 16, or something in the 40's. Sometimes if I drive on the rumble strips, the speedometer works fine, and for the last 15 minutes, it has been working as normal, aside from the blinking "D" light.

To recap

1) VSS malfunction
2) Replaced tranny VSS
3) Drive it for 6-7 hours withohut an issue
4) Parked it in the heat for 2 hours
5) Came back to the same issue, but none of the same codes
6) Sometimes the VSS works as normal, sometimes it jumps around, sometimes it doesn't work at all.
6.1) I'm here asking for help

So Insight central, work your voodoo magic, and I shall grant you with innumerable riches! But really, I'm dying for some insight on this problem. Please and thank you. If you need any other information, let me know.

Probably totally unrelated, but my horn, 12v cigarette lighter, and apparently my brake lights are out. I check and replaced the fuse under the dash for the lighter socket, and that didn't work. The next step would probably be the fuse inside the socket. Again, any help is appreciated.

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This sounds like an intermittent electrical issue.
I would check these items in the following order:
-engine grounding straps (search forum). Unlikely, but takes 10 seconds to check
-wire harness for cuts, particularly around the sensor
-connector to speed sensor for debris/corrosion/etc. Clean CLR or equivalent.
-Verify the new speed sensor is seated correctly.
-Verify speed sensor output

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I had very similar issues in one of my insights. My whole gauge cluster wouldn't light up until the cabin reached a certain temperature (cold solder??). Once it lit up the gauges read good for awhile and then the speedo went to 177 and stayed there and my other gauges were working fine except the values were off.

Also when my cluster wasn't lit up the interior lights for the radio and heater system wouldn't work when I turned on my headlights and my intermittent wipers wouldn't work. I replaced my ground straps and that didn't fix it so I got a used gauge cluster and that solved all of my problems. Just make sure you get one for an Auto Trans Insight if that's the one you need.

I was surprised at how many different things are wired through the cluster. Hopefully this helps you. Good Luck!
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