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Stainless Fasteners for under engine panels?

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I have already replaced my skirt fasteners with the stainless ones I found on this forum, however, I am having problems with the fasteners that hold the removeable panels we take off for oil changes.
I drive around the Chicago area, and the salt spray has finally attacked the steel fasteners and made them difficult and in one case, impossible to remove without cutting it off first.

If anyone has information or a source for stainless fasteners for the under engine panels, I would appreciate the info.

Harry P.
LMPG 64.1 42,000 miles
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I think he's talking about the plastic "pop"-type fasteners that are used in some places...
I was gonna post this after a few months had passed without problems, but....

I've replaced most of the bolts under the nose and engine compartment with nylon phillips head screws with nylon washers. Better 3 ways: will not rust, lighter and better aero-dynamics. No worries are dielectric corrosion either. I'll probably be replacing some the bolts located further back later on.

I also put vinyl tape over the holes in the air deflectors in front of the front wheels while I was under there.

If you've got to go metal, you can get stainless button-head metric screws for less areo drag.

A great source for any unusual hardware is
We have got to give an award to Flunkysama for dedication. Replacing bolts with more aerodynamic ones! Superb.
(Actually I secretly wish I could also get under my Insight to do my own maintenance...)
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