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Steering not 'tracking'

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Got the new 04/blue/5sp/ac yesterday (#543). Of course, had to take a drive. I noticed right off that the steering is responsive - too responsive.

At freeway speeds on straight, level, wide roads. I have to continuously 'jiggle' the wheel to keep it inbetween the white lines. It seems to have incremental adjustments rather than smooth moves. I move the steering wheel just a fraction to the right and it seems to take 2 or 3 degrees. This means than within a second I have to nudge it gently to the left which the car then starts drifting for the left white line. Over a few hundred miles this takes up a LOT of attention. I can only imagine what this would be like at 90mph.

I expected it to be more 'sporty' than a Civic/Accord but this is a bit too much. It can not be left 'unattended' for a second, and it does not favor any side. I've had sports cars (and a CRX) for years. This was not expected. If you plot my progress down the road from above it would be a zigzag.

Could it be toe-in?

Anybody else have this problem?
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Guess I'll have to chime in on the other side of the coin. The OP's car sounds a lot like my '00. It requires constant, unwavering, "both hands on the wheel" attention to stay on the road. The vast majority of my driving lately has been 70-75 MPH, smooth roads with just a hint of "rutting", 25-35 MPH cross or head wind.

A couple of weeks ago, after 3 hours of constant attention, I made the mistake of taking one hand off the wheel to get a sip of water. A rogue gust of wind hit and I was suddenly about 1/2 a lane to the left of where I was. My CRX has never performed like that and now that I run 195/50 tires it feels like it is glued to the road.

I always just thought the Insight's problem was the poor handling of the stock Brigestones. Kind of wating to see if anything develops on the other "my car handles like crap" threads. If not, I'll probably get the allignment checked and if that turns out OK, the next step will be to invest in some type of tire which will offer a bit better control.

I have always had the feeling that the Insight was primarily a city / short commuter car, but with slightly better handling, it could be a great cross-country touring machine as well.
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