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2010 Honda Insight LX
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Hello Insight family,

I just purchased a used 2010 Insight LX in 2020. I am doing some research and trying to modify a few things to make the car feel current in this age lol.

The first thing is this damn steering wheel. It is completely done. It is chipping away and has a stupid wheel cover which is annoying. Is there some sort of list of steering wheels that are compatible with the vehicle I have?

I am looking at a 2010 EX model that has the cruise control buttons on it. From my research, those buttons will not function. Any links on adding CC on my 2010 LX will be useful.

Also I am looking at a 2011 wheel that has CC and the radio controls as well. Will they work?

Ultimately, my goal is getting rid of the steering wheel and purchase better condition OEM wheel. Let me know your thoughts please.
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