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Still trying & after market accessories

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All I want is a new Insight. Word is that they're out, but you have to ORDER it. Any advice on saving money in that situation? Seems like full price is tha only way.

Anyway, the real question is...Does anyone make after market goodies for the Insight? Roof racks, bike racks, etc. Has anyone had particularly good luck with any generic goodies?

Also, how about recommended upgrades for the stereo system?

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Saris makes a premium quality roof rack for the Insight.
Several people here have it and really like it.
All the Saris accessories fit the roof rack, like bike racks etc..
From my experience and several others, stay away from generic bike racks because they clamp on the glass of the rear hatch.... risky...

If buying new is a hassle you might as well consider buying a used Insight.
I bought mine used and it was in mint condition for half the price of a new one.
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