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My Insight has changed my driving habits more than I could have ever thought possible. I used to be the guy that did 90MPH past everyone and jockeyed for position all the time. Getting irritated at everyone who was going too slow...the speed limit or under. I always said, I'll go as fast as the road and the person in front of me will let me, with my radar dectector at the ready.

Now my stess level while driving is non existent. I laugh at the people who do what I used to and pass me with the pedal to the floor only to put on their brakes and have me pull up next to them at the next stop light.

I'm smiling all the time now because I'm more at ease and not worried about who's going to beat me somewhere. I know I'll get there, and I'll get there safer, wiser, and with more gas saved than most everyone on the road. It makes me feel good that I'm not wasting resources and getting the best MPG that I possibly can while driving a car that pollutes less than most too.

My Insight driving has changed the way I drive my other vehicles as well. I never thought I could be so at ease behind the wheel.
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