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stuck in lower 1/2 of battery charge...

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I've been doing only short and local NYC in-traffic (lots of lights...) driving for the past few weeks, and the battery charge has been going down, down, down. It goes as far as the bottom three bars and either stays there or creeps up just a bit.

I took a deliberate highway trip to test it out, and the charge got back up to an indicated 2/3 or so, but when back in traffic it went back to the bottom.

It doesn't seem to be hurting... I get all the assist I need for the couple of seconds when coming out from a red light, but it upsets my sense of aesthetics.

Aside from doing more highway runs, is there any other way of encouraging a charge-up? On a related question, does sitting and idling - with the charge indicator at zero - still give any sort of slow charge?

( oh... 2001 CVT, which I love...)

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Check out this topic for some tips: ... php?t=3817
Thanks for the pointers. I'm not sure they'll help,
but I'll give this and that a try or two...
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