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Stupid Puddles!

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When I say Puddle.... I really mean small pond! I was driving to a workshop to get some work done on my race car. I slowed down to 15 mph to cross what looked like a small puddle in the road.

But no, stupid Atlanta and thier horrible drainage had left me a suprise half a foot deep pond in the middle of the road. The force of the water hitting the underbody covers on my car bent some of them backward. Now they are scraping on the ground!

I am going to take them off. I called the honda dealership today to price some new ones. The guy at the desk told me he didn't think the part I wanted existed and that I should bring the car in for service!

I am going to pull the panels off and take a look. As an Aerospace engineer, I do see some small benifit to the drag coefficicent of the car from these thigns. But if I can find a honda dealer that belives that they exist, I probably wouldn't pay more than 30 dollars for them!

Any one have a source for the part?
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Underbody panel measurements

Hi -

This thread just seemed to die. My 2003 CVT came to me without underbody panels in the front and even though I'm averaging about 53 mpg I'd like to replace them and try to do better.

Any one have a scaled drawing or the dimensions that could be used to make new ones of aluminum or fibeerglas?

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