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Hello Bob,
Thanks for writing and sorry to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately we have not had any similar reports. (Other sudden drops were usually due to a dead battery cell but these are few and far between.) The best way to get feedback from other owners would be to post your question in our online forum. That will reach the broadest audience.
Best of luck,

Benjamin Young Editor-in-Chief

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Subject: sudden drop in mpg ( - 20 %) and power after scheduled maintenence (injector treatment) - - now there is an EFR vacuum leak

name: Robert D. Wilson

I have had my 2000 Honda Insight for many years now and this is the first problem that I have had to deal with (...there was an earlier problem that I couldn't feel {except for the check engine light} - -which was covered under waranty).
I just recently returned from a summer vacation trip from Roch. NY to
Boulder Colo. and back, for which I averaged 72 mpg over the full 3600
miles. That is honestly better than my typical mileage of 62 for the life of
the car. But the engine maintenence light came on early in that trip (with
no REAL problems felt - a simple scheduled maint. thing). So, after
returning home, when I finally took it in to the dealership (...which has
always been very good here), everything was fine except that I noticed right away a 'sluggish' response under acceleration. I realize that
'sluggish' is a relative term, especially concerning this car, but
trust me -it was noticeably different. The other thing I noticed was a
step-function drop in mileage (could bearly sustain high 50's) and the
engine was using the IMA far more often than before (the gauge is now
typically at the half level when it always used to sit at the nearly full
level). Basically I'm not getting much power out of the burning gas and
the 3 plugs are more than a little sooty on one side (too rich mix). I
finally took it back to the dealership after changing oil (..I was hoping
that the only problem might have been their mistake of putting 40 wt oil in
instead of the 5-20 wt. --but that didn't help and the old oil DID
pour like correct 5-20 wt oil). They did a computer diagnostic run and
they reported that the injectors were working fine (a guessed concern that I had, since they had added an injector cleaing treatment in the earlier maintanence work - - I was thinking that maybe that treatment had freed-up a 'blood clot' type material that got caught 'down stream' ).
But they DID say that the EFR sysem showed a vacuum leak. They wanted to replace that system (ca. $390) to see if that would help.

Soooo... before I give the go-ahead with this exploratory (expensive) replacement experiment. I wanted to ask you folks if
anybody else had had to deal with this problem and how they solved it ?
One thing I would love to see is the shop manual page
that shows the EFR system and any stuck diaframs that may be in the system.

THANKS, guys, for any help,
Bob W.

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Indeed we must be dealing with a typo. No such thing on an Insight as a EFR system.

And yes the EGR can cause the symptoms you describe. But so can _many_ other things. Though EGR is a pretty good bet. ;)

You can try cleaning which works for some failures of the valve: ... php?t=1978

And Rick Reece (a forum moderator) has expereinced something similar to your symptoms that cleaning didn't fix, but replacement did :!: ... php?t=3287

Both threads are rather long but worth the read. :D

HTH! :)

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Re: sudden drop in mpg ( - 20 %) and power after scheduled m

Robert D. Wilson (Bob) said:
I just recently returned from a summer vacation trip from Roch. NY to Boulder Colo. and back
woo hoo, another rochester ny :)

i got my insight from "jh" honda, and have actually been servicing it at ontario. my experiences at ontario thus far have been completely positive. i know that doesn't directly answer the question; however i did take it to ontario for a 20k-mile service, after which i noticed a slight increase in mileage, among a few other things that i haven't posted about ( not negative ).

(ps, if your insight is red, did we meet on Fitzhugh in the parking lot between Frontier and the Church?)
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