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Suggestions, best wax for finish protection

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Hello all,

I have seen alot of threads here on different parts of Insight but nothing yet on paint care or finishes. I want to keep my Insight's finish in good condition. I do not have a lot of experience with polishes and waxes could someone tell me if any brand is best, and if the 1,2,3 step waxing systems are better than single step treatments. Any advice or recomendations would be great. Thanks

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There is something designed for aviation, called rejex. Its purpose was to stop exhaust stains from bonding to the paint. I work at Gulfstream, where our customers spend 45 million for a plane. They spend thousands on "teflon" treatments to protect against this. Rejex does same thing, and I suspect it is same formula. It works, they also found that bugs do not stick to it. You just get out a hose and it is gone. It also happens to put the most unreal shine on, and lasts 4 months. You can find it on the internet at corrosion x (the maker) with a google search. Your local airport pilot shop may have it. It will not hide scratches though, but it blows away waxes.
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