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Suggestions, best wax for finish protection

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Hello all,

I have seen alot of threads here on different parts of Insight but nothing yet on paint care or finishes. I want to keep my Insight's finish in good condition. I do not have a lot of experience with polishes and waxes could someone tell me if any brand is best, and if the 1,2,3 step waxing systems are better than single step treatments. Any advice or recomendations would be great. Thanks

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Thanks everyone,

Thank you all for your input and advice! I stand corrected as to there being no other threads about finish care. My take home from all of the advice has been:
.To use microfiber, or 100% cotton (USA) towels
.That there are several major wax or polymer based products that should do nicely, (two applications)
.Clay bars are a must for thorough cleaning
.The Dawn detergent issue is a personal choice matter for dewaxing and cleaning.
.Also, that regardless of brand or type treatment used, a regular routine of cleaning and waxing is best.
Now all that I need is a good portable shade for my car so I don't have to rely on the neigbhors suv for shading to wax my car. Thanks a million everybody. Happy polishing!

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