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Suggestions, best wax for finish protection

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Hello all,

I have seen alot of threads here on different parts of Insight but nothing yet on paint care or finishes. I want to keep my Insight's finish in good condition. I do not have a lot of experience with polishes and waxes could someone tell me if any brand is best, and if the 1,2,3 step waxing systems are better than single step treatments. Any advice or recomendations would be great. Thanks

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Good question. I was wondering the same thing this morning. I'm anxious to see what everyone has to say.

I'm with you, I don't have much expirence with waxing and paint care. My Inisght is the first car I've purchased because I wanted it, not just because it was cheap and would get me back and forth to work and school, so I really want to baby it and keep it looking nice.
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