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Super quick and easy oil change

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I just bought a Pella 6000 oil suction system. I changed my oil in less than 20min including cleaing up. Very clean and easy to use.

Thought I'd tell others about it.

I also used it on my Jetta TDI. ... oilex.html
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james said:
"I changed my oil in less than 20min including cleaing up."

So? It takes me 10-15 to do it the normal way :)
hmm. So if you start the timer:
you can gather up the jack, tools and drain pan,
take all those item to the car,
jack the car up,
remove cover,
remove the plug,
drain the oil,
remove the drain pan
drain oil in jug for recycling
replace the plug,
replace the cover,
lower the car,
add oil,
and put the tools back up in 10-15 minutes :!: :!:

Thats pretty good. :roll:

I simply walk out side with the Pella and oil in hand. Raise the hood remove the dip stick, suck the oil out, add the oil lower the hood and I'm done.

While the oil is sucked out I check the tire pressure.
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Aaron Cake said:
You have to lift the car anyway for the filter anyway, right? Or have you figured out how to get it off without?
Filter only has to be changed once a year or 15k miles or every other oil change. On the normal schedule. Plus it only take 2qt of oil to do the change so I might start changing my oil at 5000 miles instead of 7500.

BTW it looks like if the front part of the air intake is remove (two bolts) then I could reach in with my hand and remove the filter.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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