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2000 Honda Insight
Custom chameleon paint... not that it matters...

Copy/pasted from my Craigslist ad - thus all the layman's terms.

Hybrid battery is dead therefore, this car would probably be best suited as a parts car. The gas engine works fine, it just doesn't have that extra power from the battery. Check engine light came on a few days after the IMA light did, which is the hybrid system indicator. AC does not work, needs new compressor.

Body has a little over 247k miles, transmission and engine have about 50k less since they have been replaced. Car was declared a total loss by my insurance when I had to replace the Engine.
Radiator and bumper replaced in June 2013.
Engine replaced in May 2010.
Transmission replaced Dec. 2009.
Driver's side door leaks which is common with this model. Drivers side carpet has been ripped out as a result.

I made a video showing the whole car, inside and out, a cold start-up after 2 weeks of sitting, and a short drive -

$1000 OBO.
Car can be delivered for cost of gas and a deposit, to within 3 hours of Max Meadows (exit 80 off of 81).

2000 Honda Insight Manual Hybrid
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