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Swap my 5 speed for an automatic

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Hi there, I just got a '00 Silver 5spd with 48,000Km. I wonder if anybody want to swap it for an automatic? The car is perfect, just my wife don't drive standard and she have back problems so all the training is very painful. I live in Vancouver,BC
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don't tempt me! i have a '01 silver CVT, with a tad fewer miles than you (28100mi, ~45500km)
i've secretly admired the 5 speeders for their superb mileage... though i have not driven a manual transmission before (know how it works though)

we just paid ours off too
though i live in california... and i'd really like to try it out before getting serious about it.
keep us updated!
this decision is tougher now that I live closer to the city - and farther away from the traffic. the result is fewer highway miles, but less traffic as well.
of course living in SoCal, you can never completely escape traffic, but my routine (currently, will change shortly) is about 50/50 highway/city for your average day. 20 minute drive for about 20 miles

can you post more info about it? whats your best tank of gas so far? do you mostly drive city? highway? whats the lifetime MPG?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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