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Swap my 5 speed for an automatic

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Hi there, I just got a '00 Silver 5spd with 48,000Km. I wonder if anybody want to swap it for an automatic? The car is perfect, just my wife don't drive standard and she have back problems so all the training is very painful. I live in Vancouver,BC
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I am not sure how traffic is in your area but I would recommend the 5speed Insight for anyone who does mostly highway cruising. Nothing on the road in the US can touch it's efficiency. On the other hand if I drove in stop and go traffic most of the time I would recommend the Prius. (Don't shoot me as a trader). I think the Prius ability to run 100% electric in this situation gives it the advantage. It's a shame that GM killed the EV1. I think hybrids have got a lot more people interested in electric cars unfortunately their arn't many options for most in this area. Have fun, Rick
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