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Swap my 5 speed for an automatic

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Hi there, I just got a '00 Silver 5spd with 48,000Km. I wonder if anybody want to swap it for an automatic? The car is perfect, just my wife don't drive standard and she have back problems so all the training is very painful. I live in Vancouver,BC
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No one has tried it that I know, nor would I recommend trying it. It's not even just a transmission swap your implying, but rather a whole drive train swap and replacement of several computers at the least. The engine is different too. Plus, you'd have to get the new linkages properly installed for the shifter. This would include a whole new center console. Then you'd also need the proper gague cluster as well. The worst part of it would be the computers. No one here at least really knows what does exactly what. I would guess several would need replaced at least, plus I think the automatic transmission is electronically controlled as well. It's been discussed before, it would probably be cheaper to just go buy a new Insight. Especially considering last time I checked a new automatic transmission is about $2,300 I think, and thats just the transmission.
Ohh, sorry I read that wrong. My apologies. Yes swapping the car would be a lot easier than trying to swap the transmission. :oops:
Tempting you:

As far as manual transmission cars the Insight has got to be one of the easiest to drive i've come across. The only reason I would think of against getting a 5 speed is if your sitting in stop and creep traffic for a long period of time. Even then there are advantages with the 5 speed. The best part though is the increased performance you get. You can easily chirp the tires going in to 2nd. I even was able to catch rubber going in to 3rd the other day :shock: ! I didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is. Ok sorry no more tempting.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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