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Swap my 5 speed for an automatic

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Hi there, I just got a '00 Silver 5spd with 48,000Km. I wonder if anybody want to swap it for an automatic? The car is perfect, just my wife don't drive standard and she have back problems so all the training is very painful. I live in Vancouver,BC
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I'd possibly consider it, but my silver 2001 cvt has about 73k highway miles on it so that would be an issue... It's in nearly perfect condition(used a bra and seat covers from day one- I do rotate the bra on and off so the paint doesn't change) and it has a lifetime mileage of 53.1mpg so I have not driven it hard. I've also followed the maintenance schedule religiously. If I were to swap it would only be for a another silver or citrus with AC.
miecz said:

Slightly off the topic, you see any sign at all of paint wear from the bra? What kind of seat covers? I'm too late for a bra (for the car, that is), but just curious.
I got the Grey insight covers here:

They are VERY nice. Only issue is that they make your back sweat in the summer 'cause they are made of neoprene. So I keep my beads on in the summer and take them off around now. They are expensive, but very good build quality.

I bought the car bra here:

These are the best fitting bra's I've ever seen. Looks perfect. I've had other people tell me that If I leave them on too long, like throughout the whole summer, it will eventually look discolored. I usually take it off for a month every 4 months or so. I actually have to order a new one as my first one is completely worn out. Someone said their friend's car had serious problems cause he never took his off. The paint didn't look uniform. So far I can't notice any difference.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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