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So yesterday my 2013 EX just stopped accelerating on the highway at approx 70 mph and engine lights start flashing and caused me too pull over. At this point the car continued to idle but would not accelerate. The car could only go about 5 mph but would gradually slow to 0. Error codes said system too lean and cylinder 4 misfiring.

8 Spark plugs changed. Cylinder 4 has excessive build up on spark plugs(considering the ignition coils but currently testing conditions). Ran fuel injection cleaner thru the system. Also cleaned K & N air filter. Filled car with new gas.

After test run engine seems close to normal. Car has 225k miles but engine only has 145k miles due to New Short block installed from excessive oil consumption. No oil being consumed per 10k miles between oil changes.

What could be tested to see why Bank 1 is burning too lean???

Does anyone have a DIY trick to test Ignition Coils???


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