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This morning on my usual morning bicycle ride I saw two new hummers in the neighborhood. Why you might say? I live in Lagos, Nigeria in an affluent area and they are popping up all over the place. Same lame "I'm a big man" marketing. In fact I think there's a pretty good business going on importing them from the U.S. and selling them here. At least that's my impression from walking by the local used car lot that sells mostly cars from the States.

These and the other large SUV's are becoming a real pain especially in parking lots that are designed for regular cars. Like at Park and Shop this afternoon. The good news is that they seem to break down quickly and nobody can fix them. My observation from the number stranded along the roads.

Gas price is not much an issue here, it's the equivalent of $2.25 per gallon last time I looked. Price controlled by the government and not likely to change if they want to stay in power.

Regards, Jim
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