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As I sit here at my desk at work, I watch the weater conditions across the country, and dream................. quite often, I-80 through southern Wyoming has strong west winds. Today is one of those days! Oh my, to be in my Insight driving from Evanston to Rock Springs, to Rawlins, to Laramie, to Cheyenne.........tailwinds are currently 31-41 mph, with higher gusts............what fun that would be!!!.........dreaming....
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Yes, I once had a 65 to 80 km/h tail wind from Montreal to farther than Sorel,
so I had an average above 140 MPG (about 1.7 L/100km) for about 100miles

Butthat was only one time.
Hmf. I drove that stretch starting way back in Iowa and it was freakin' HEAD WINDS the whole way. Brutal.
Tim don't feel so bad, I drove to Vegas a few months ago with such heavy winds that I either had it comming from the side and it was pushing me all over, or I was driving right in to it. At one point I had to drive in 4th and even at one point 3rd to keep my cruising speed of around 75mph while going straight in to it.
Winds push on the car?

Sometimes I can feel the car rocking a bit on its suspension in strong winds across Lake Washington.

One windy day, a small bird was flying straight towards the lower part of my windshield on the bridge--and I watched it get sucked up and over at the last minute. Weird.
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