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I have a 2011 Insight EX, and really like the car. There is a serious possibility that I will be moving from USA to Switzerland in the coming months, and am considering taking the car with me (I really do like it that much :)). I would likely be there for at least 3 years, so from a cost standpoint, I think it is beneficial to ship it. Strictly from a mechanical/inspection perspective, what should I look into?

Are Insights sold in the USA same as the ones in Europe?
Would I have trouble passing any emissions or safety requirements?
Would I have trouble registering the car?
I have read that headlight, brake light, turn signal light requirements are different in Europe? Would I need to retrofit the exterior lights on my Insight?
Anything else?

Thanks in advance for any information.

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They were sold in the UK. No idea on mainland europe but I expect they were sold there.
Perhaps one of our German or EU members can chip in.

Switzerland is not as member of the EU so legislation regarding cars moving cross border may well be different.
However I would expect an EU certified/sold vehicle to have little problem with it.
Google importing vehicles into Switzerland would be my first step..

I think importing your own car will be problematic for all the reasons you have listed and more!
Transport, customs fees and import duties will also likely be a hit.
Insuring a US import will/may also be more expensive.

It will be much easier and cost effective to sell your own vehicle in the US and buy a decent EU/Swiss approved version when you arrive.

The Swiss are very draconian with speed limits etc, fines are huge and directly related to income. It's not a car friendly place if you like going fast..

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If you had a rare valuable car that you wanted to hold on to for a long time, it might make sense.

It is not.

I suspect the value of it is roughly equivalent to what it would cost to ship. And then there are the various fees to make it legal there.

As much as you like it, its just a damn car. Sell it and buy something in Europe. When you leave, sell that.
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