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Taking out the Transmission

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I have to change my transmission.
Can someone advise me if the engine & transmission should drop out under the car or be lifted out through the bonnet (hood)?

Also how to get the drive sharfts out of the Transmission?

I have never changed a engine in a front wheel drive car before.

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The transmission, both manual and CVT both come out separate from the engine, according to the 2000-2003 service manual.

First warning is about working around the IMA system (HIGH VOLTAGE) and turning it off.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting the service manual as there are many pictures and exact step by step procedures shown.

Before trying to rebuild my 2002 bashed Insight , I ordered the service manual and the body repair manual and was very glad I spent the money.

Check here
for the link to the manuals.
I don't think you will be sorry you bought the service manual.
The part number you want is 61S3Y06.
This is the 2000-2005 Service manual.
Unless you are getting into a rebuild of a complete total and replacing body panels,etc., I would say you won't need the Body repair manual.

good luck, work safe


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I have no experience on this but you need to hold the motor from the top. The transmission also while you unconnect everything (stuff, engine mounts,...)

The transmission gets pulled out of the car from under.

The drive shaft ends are splined so I guess that you simply pull them out with a large screwdriver or by hand.
By carefull not to separate the driveshafts from the joints.

You really need the Service manual, all the torque values for the bolts and procedures are needed.

P.S. I have done many rear drives (trucks, cars, big ,small) but like you I have never done a front drive.

P.S.2. I do not know if you need a tool to align the clutch disk to connect properly to the transmission or if it can be done by eye while you bolt the pressure plate. Margin of error is?

P.S.3. I have converted cars with automatic to manual transmission. Out of curiosity, are you doing this or the reverse.

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Thanks for the link to the Service manuel.

I brought a damaged Insight which has run over someting, Setting off the air bags ete & smashing the CVT sump & damaging the housing/valve body.
I have a second hand transmisson on the way from Japan.

Can wait to get it on the road.

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