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In 2019 I plan to start the process toward Thermo-Electrric Generator .. For my Insight ICE waste heat.

I'm a turtle (of course) .. so, this will not come together quickly.


There are two main ICE waste collection points:

#1> Exhaust
#2> ICE Cooling Radiator


Reality check.

Thermo Electric devices are low conversion efficiency .. 3-5% is common in low cost devices.

At the very top end .. with an unlimited budget , and ideal conditions .. up around ~12% is possible .. but not remotely in my budget.

Total ICE waste heat varies to as low as around ~60% of fuel energy content , to as high as around ~80% of fuel energy content.

Won't be able to connect nor utilize all of that .. even if I did .. 5% of 80% = 4% .. When 80% is waste 20% was used , so 20+4 = 24% is a 20% increase in the 20% Fuel Economy .. 3% of 60% = 1.8% .. When 60% is waste 40% was used , so 40+1.8 = 41.8% is an 4.5% increase in the 40% Fuel Economy.

With some conversion losses of the electricity itself .. after the heat collection , and TEG conversion from heat difference to electricity .. My ball park expectation is roughly ~5% FE Improvement (time will tell) , as a a 'best case'.


Related / similar threads posted on Ecomodder:


Some potential premade devices (there are others):

Hot plate cooling liquid
~100W electrical output 12VDC Nominal 24VDC open circuit
@ ~270C Hot ~30C cold ~2.8Liter per minute
3 kg 302mm x 150mm x 58mm

Hot air cooling liquid

~350W electrical output .. 48VDC nominal .. 96VDC Open Circuit
~300Celcius Hot (400C max) and ~50Celcius Cold .. ~3 Liters per minute coolant flow.
18.8kg 500mm x 151mm x 259mm

Sell a variety of wood stove TEG products.


Alternatively .. buy the modules , DIY more of the device fabrication .. Although this might allow for more 'out of pocket' cost for parts .. it would vastly increase the labor effort.
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