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Temporary malfunction of fuel consumption gauge

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Hello Insighters,

Last night, I made my regular commute to Los Angeles (110 miles), and in the last mile of my trip, the fuel gauge stopped working. All the graphic elements remained, except for the bar indicator. I switched the display to the alternate "liter" version, with no correction of the problem. This morning, when I started the car to return to San Diego, the gauge worked properly again, as if there had never been a problem. Is this an unusual problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

2002 Insight 5-speed, 44,000 miles
Recent radiator block modification
64.3 LMPG
86.1 best Los Angeles to San Diego commute, in rain
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I had it happend once like johnc had...I was at McDonalds drive thru and
was manually doing my own "idle stop" (with the key) a few times waiting
in line. When I started up the last time while leaving I noticed I was getting
150MPG while accelerating uphill...I pulled over and smelled some heated
electronic smell from the back and turned off the car for a few seconds.
Started it back up and has not happend since (about 6 months ago)

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