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Test drove a 2004 Insight CTV. . .

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A couple days ago I test drove the 2004 Insight CTV.
I loved everything about the car - except - I was expecting something resembling at least 'sprightly' acceleration.

Could it have anything to do with sitting at the dealership for a long time ?
Was I driving it incorrectly ? Is it necessary to run the gears in the auto ?
Do I need to adjust my expectations ?

I have been reading things like 'blast to drive', and 'surprisingly quick', etc., but my experience fell a little short of those kind of superlatives.

Any thoughts ?
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Did you notice the battery charge level. Was it empty.

When I tried my Insight, it had been in the dealer showroom for a few months and the battery was empty. So the IMA was not doing it's thing (assist) and only the gas engine was accelerating (electric motor was charging, not to help things). Not a very zippy test drive.
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