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Test drove a 2004 Insight CTV. . .

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A couple days ago I test drove the 2004 Insight CTV.
I loved everything about the car - except - I was expecting something resembling at least 'sprightly' acceleration.

Could it have anything to do with sitting at the dealership for a long time ?
Was I driving it incorrectly ? Is it necessary to run the gears in the auto ?
Do I need to adjust my expectations ?

I have been reading things like 'blast to drive', and 'surprisingly quick', etc., but my experience fell a little short of those kind of superlatives.

Any thoughts ?
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Mine was sluggish the day I bought it. My battery was low, and it seemed like every time I took my foot off the pedal, it would bog down. I drove it a few hours, worring I got shafted, and then it picked up.

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