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test drove new insight in greenville, sc

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Well I finally found an was a 2005 cvt..breakawy honda in greenville, sc.
nice car, rode alot smppther than what i had read...good power for a car its size.
I wa absolutely amazed as the car shut ff at the stoplight...being a "regular" car driver, I was quite impressed with it shutting off and then instantaneously restarting without heistation.
I got around 50 mpg in my city test drive...really impressive. especially with hills in greenville.

Nice car but i did not want red, or a 2006..they quoted me 21800 for it..I was not really interested in a 2005 so if anyway in that area is looking..there ya go!

they did havea beautiful civic hybrid inside...I absolutley LOVED this car.
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Red Insights get better fuel economy :lol:
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