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*I see no build thread or member intro sections here on the forum... So I made this thread in the general section. If it needs to be moved, please advise.

I admit, that the original thought of owning a hybrid meant that I had succumbed to being an old fart... Officially. This of course was an assumption. A bad one.
I knew, however, that I wanted something unique, less then $7k, and not boring. Furthermore, my current DD was a Hyundai Veloster. And my WW is a 2001 Plymouth Prowler. So, I suppose, it's safe to say unique vehicles is my forte. However, I began to notice more and more Hyundai Velosters on the road. So the time had come to get something "different".
I narrowed my results down to getting either a smart fortwo with the glass roof or a G1. I worried that a G1 wouldn't fit me as I'm 6ft 3. But, after my first test drive, I was hooked. It seemed so fun to drive this light weight vehicle around and no where near as slow as I anticipated. My initial desire was a G1 with two-tone grey/black interior, had to have CVT, & had to have under 60k miles on the odometer. Finding such a low mileage CVT G1 proved to be difficult. My initial finding was a 2002 Silver out in Richardson, TX at a VW dealership. But when I got there the battery was throwing codes, and there was no way to drive back home as the headlights were using to much energy to keep the car on. Furthermore, the gent wanted $3500 plus tttl and I walked away from it after offering $3400 and he denied it. So the search continued for 6 more days...
Then I found her. She was on autotrader and located at a mom and pop dealership in Jacksonville, FL. She is red and had 56k miles on her before I flew down to get her in January 2015. Aside from slight wear on the driver side seat bolster, worn rubber on the accelerator pedal, stagnant odor inside (presumably from sitting from so long), rock chips all over the front, & slightly peeling passenger side rear wheel skirt vinyl... She was a cherry. Clean carfax, two owner, and she spent most of her life in the east side of the USofA. And has a TON of maintenance records. The carfax can be viewed by clicking HERE.

When I drove her back home she averaged around 57mpg and is holding steady there. I noticed the windows go up slow and she has a off kilter driver side headlight. I made a video and a thread about it HERE.
Enough about the back story, let's get on with the main event.

End goal = 65Lmpg CVT
Sea Green = Installed on Car
Dark Orange = Ordered​
-(aero)Removal of rear glass wiper & motor
-(aero)Removal of side mirrors
-Removal of all badging / branding
-Powdercoated gloss black moons by Chris
-Powdercoated gloss black rear wiper plug
-(aero)Removal of radio antenna & rear glass nozzle
-5% limo tint all around except windshield
-20% tint on entire windshield
-Paint roof, window bezel trim, bottom of bumper, & wheel skirts gloss black
-Paint rest of car gloss white pearl
-Paint inner headlights gloss black (see lighting section)
-(aero)Aluminum underbelly *need to find who makes the best kit*
-3 rear cameras (see interior section for details)
-White under-vehicle LED's tied to alarm (see lighting section)

-Cruise Control
-Modify gauges so I can turn them completely off at night

-SmartStart Alarm
-Blackvue DR600HD cams F & R
-Federal WigWag R&B LED posts on all 4 corners of interior tied to alarm

-Refurbish driver seat bolster
-Raise front of driver & passenger seat an inch for better leg support
-Flat bottom s2k steering wheel
-JDM double din headunit bezel
-Lower profile aftermarket shift knob (undecided yet)
-Lloyds northridge all weather floor mats
-Strut King pedal set off 01-05 civic powdercoated gloss black w/ rubber inserts on both pedals
-Cut tire on dead pedal (stolen idea of a forum member on here)
-Molded 720p 8" screen into cup holder area for both side cameras aka "mirrors"
-Molded over and gloss black P, R, N, D shifter bezel

-Infinity Kappa's in front doors
-Pioneer App Radio3
-Shoebox Sub in the trunk
-4gauge OFC copper wire
-Amp under passenger seat
-Sound deadening & dampening material throughout cabin

Engine/IMA Batt:
-Hot air intake mod
-England Pete's PnP kit
-Greater/Quicker regen mod
**NEED ADVICE/LEARN MORE on mods I can do to increase mpg**
-Grid charger

Maintenance Plans:
-Charge & discharge battery fully (takes 5 days I heard)
-Fumoto valve
-CVT oil & both filters replaced
-0w20 synthetic engine oil
-Clean, lube, and grease window tracks
-Replace grounding straps (perhaps with bigger strand OFC?)
-All new motor and trans mounts (car is starting to vibrate a little at stops) or fill with 3m window weld (J23's idea)
-New cabin air filter
-Check EGR valve (perhaps replace?)
-Redesigned Dzus fasteners
**Research for other recommendations**
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