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Thanks to this website I have bought the Insight. Took it home Tuesday and brought my daughter to horseback lessons 100 mile round trip-64.8 mpg. It included a BFH(big hill) up to the soaring airport (average was 74 before hill). Then on Wendesday I went to MA 700 mile round trip- 56 mpg. but traveling 65-75 with air on most of the time. I just got back from WV 1000 mile round trip with super big hills and - 55.8 mpg. The car now has over 2400 miles and it's the best thing I ever drove. I'm going back to the dealer on Thursday to look at a 5 speed. I'm going to give the cvt to the kids for college. Much difference in the two? What to expect?
Thanks again. (I still haven't seen another one on the road)
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Congratulations, Rick!

Looks like you're enjoying the car!

While I have a 5-speed myself, here is a quick summary of what has been said about CVT and battery use:

The CVT will rev the engine higher on acceleration and uphill driving. That gives more gasoline power and uses less electric power, conserving battery charge. With the 5-speed, I can go up a steep hill in 5th, at just over 2000 rpm. Full electric assist will keep my speed up, but the battery will be empty or recalibrate when I get to the top. The CVT in the same situation would probably rev higher and use less battery charge.

Talking about recalibrations: They are a nuisance in many 5-speeds, but unheard-of in CVTs. Do a search on this forum and the yahoo groups to learn more.

In summary: the 5-speed allows you to use more electric power, but you pay for that with recalibrations.
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