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Thanks to this website I have bought the Insight. Took it home Tuesday and brought my daughter to horseback lessons 100 mile round trip-64.8 mpg. It included a BFH(big hill) up to the soaring airport (average was 74 before hill). Then on Wendesday I went to MA 700 mile round trip- 56 mpg. but traveling 65-75 with air on most of the time. I just got back from WV 1000 mile round trip with super big hills and - 55.8 mpg. The car now has over 2400 miles and it's the best thing I ever drove. I'm going back to the dealer on Thursday to look at a 5 speed. I'm going to give the cvt to the kids for college. Much difference in the two? What to expect?
Thanks again. (I still haven't seen another one on the road)
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I test drove an auto but was never considering it at the time of my purchase, it was the only thing on the lot to drive so that's what I did. I enjoy the act of driving and have most of my life had smaller hi-peformance cars. Truth is most people with a car of any potential never push the cars past 4 or 5 tenths except maybe in srtaight line stop light gran prix. Such was my case, fast car that once a week would get loose and sliden' on my favorite s-bend off ramp. I mean that was it, once a week at best for a five second thrill (now don't even start on about what else that sounds like but, keep in mind have stupidly money gets spent for that also) Anyway the 5spd invloves the driver and you are required to participate if you want to get the most out of the vehicle. For me it is performance driving with a different mind set. Jeez, I never thought I'd be in the slow lane and liking it! You can of coures dive it any old way and still get better mileage and pollute less then almost anything else on the road with you but, if you pay attention you can can have fun and blow the doors off anything on the road with you in the arena if economy.

Be well, AJ
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