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The color you'd love to see for your 2007 Insight

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Of course Honda will offer the Insight for 2007. Gas prices are at an all-time high and the demand-side pressures that got them there (e.g. China) are here to stay. A fuel cell honda is 3 years away.

So let's be optimistic. :D They will continue to produce the Insight, the important question is really what colors it should come in?

What NEW color would you most like to see in the 2007 Insight lineup?

I'll start it off:

Bring back citrus, and add the bright "FIT" vivid blue.

OK, so there won't be any more Insights produced beyond this year. I'm just still in denial.
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Hi Ken,
American 'traditional" racing colors are white with blue stripe(s). As seen on the Briggs Cunningham Corvettes, and some early Shelby AC Cobras.

But since the day the first Lotus showed up in the F1 paddock wearing Gold Leaf Tobacco livery, traditional colors (or should that be "colours?") have been rare in F1. Ferrari's are still red, though now it's Marlboro red, and the Renaults have some "French racing blue" along with the yellow.

And the Ford GT that Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon drove to victory at Le Mans was painted in the New Zealand colors of black with silver stripes since the drivers were both Kiwis. But that was long ago . . .

Now that Jenson Button has driven the current Honda F1 car to victory, I was hoping Honda would issue a cool bumper sticker to commemorate the win; then I would display that on my Insight! Hasn't happened (yet) to my knowledge, however.

Best Regs,
2006 CVT
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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