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The color you'd love to see for your 2007 Insight

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Of course Honda will offer the Insight for 2007. Gas prices are at an all-time high and the demand-side pressures that got them there (e.g. China) are here to stay. A fuel cell honda is 3 years away.

So let's be optimistic. :D They will continue to produce the Insight, the important question is really what colors it should come in?

What NEW color would you most like to see in the 2007 Insight lineup?

I'll start it off:

Bring back citrus, and add the bright "FIT" vivid blue.

OK, so there won't be any more Insights produced beyond this year. I'm just still in denial.
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I wanted a white insight so badly! the blue is nice, but not as super. (this coming from an white civic ex-driver.)
The Citrus Smoothie said:
and white is the traditonal Honda racing colour...though I think red looks much faster :)
that's why I don't drive red cars! I don't want to call any attention to myself! ;)
LeCauchemar said:
Also, a dark metallic violet/blueish purple would look quite nice on the Insight. It would be very Batman's-newest-supervillain-ish!
oooh, purple! I was thinking recently that there just aren't enough purple cars on the road...
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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