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The color you'd love to see for your 2007 Insight

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Of course Honda will offer the Insight for 2007. Gas prices are at an all-time high and the demand-side pressures that got them there (e.g. China) are here to stay. A fuel cell honda is 3 years away.

So let's be optimistic. :D They will continue to produce the Insight, the important question is really what colors it should come in?

What NEW color would you most like to see in the 2007 Insight lineup?

I'll start it off:

Bring back citrus, and add the bright "FIT" vivid blue.

OK, so there won't be any more Insights produced beyond this year. I'm just still in denial.
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mostly due to the fact that they're half aluminum.
I believe except for a few pieces of exterior plastic (for example the fender skirts, mohican trim and gas door) the insight is an aluminum vehicle, the unit body as well as the exterior body panels are aluminum. Also the primer is special but the top coat of paint is the same as any other automotive paint.

The odd colors are a combination of how many different colors the factory is willing to use and the choices of the stylist. Having worked with a Japanese company before the stylist is probably picking colors he thinks will appeal to westerners.
I like the Grand Prix White they sold in Japan. It looks like a space shuttle.
Lee, when I said "half" the Insight is aluminum, and that the paint is different, that is the point I was trying to make: aluminum, and the way it is painted, is different than regular metal. Which is why those three cars are all made and painted in the same factory.

We're making the same point: I'm just being less specific.

As for the stylist's choices, that's almost 100% true. One of my best friends used to be a Honda Canada product planner, and I know that he was offered many colour options for the Acuras he dealt with. Each year the entire colour 'palette' was shown to him and he was able choose a few, but not all, that would be offered here. Sometimes he had to fight for a specific colour and provide statistics to prove it would sell well in Canada.

The Insight was not one of his cars, so we can't blame him for colour choices. :?
Color change for an Insight

I'm seriously considering a conversion from red (which I love) to white, which fits the branding effect I use in my business marketing. There are some small paint scratches to the bumper and left wheel skirt as well as the normal nicks that come with 114k. The local estimates run from $400-650 for touching it up but I know of a good paint and body shop in Tijuana that will do the whole car for about $600. Yes, I've seen their work before and yes, its pretty darn good!

Four questions
1) Are there any white Insight out there to see pix of comparisons?

2) Are there any technical difficulties that an Insight presents that I should be aware of?

3) I already have dark tinted windows, any opinions on whether to leave the lower trim black or two white it out, ala AMG style would be appreciated.

4) Can someone describe Grand Prix white?

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LeCauchemar said:
Also, a dark metallic violet/blueish purple would look quite nice on the Insight. It would be very Batman's-newest-supervillain-ish!
oooh, purple! I was thinking recently that there just aren't enough purple cars on the road...
Black to match the color of the black plastic.

That would look sleek.

I have always had a secret craving to create a (non VW) beetle look, but I fear it might be disrespectful of the Insight. One would want to do something like that with something you can peel off as soon as you realize you made a boo boo by doing it in the first place.

I've seen some VW Bugs with flowers on them, but that's not the same thing. They are kind of round, and the Insight is more like a lot of beetles that the actual VW Beetle/Bug.

Anyone ever made their Insight into an insect?
Aluminum Body Panels and the Painting Process

I asked a very experienced bodyshop owner about the differences between painting a standard steel or fiberglass car and painting an aluminum bodied car. He stated that the difference was in the primer, and that standard black or grey primer didn't properly adhere to the aluminum panels at all. He further stated that the green primer made especially for aluminum body panels was the key to a good, well adhered paintjob due to its ability to move with the metal during expansion and contraction due to heat/cold. Apparently those who have experience in painting some of the older Porsches are quite familiar with that quirk of proper primering as those cars had aluminum bodypanels as well.
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