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I helped my girlfriend purchase an Insight after she totaled her Ford Escape by hitting a deer at night.
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We found a 2013 with 96k miles for $6500 from a private party, in great condition inside and out.
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On the way back from a trip to the outer banks, the engine began to misfire, I pulled the plugs to reveal the #4 electrode melted and endoscoped the cylinder, showing major damage, and all the rear plugs showed a weird half black insulator and half regular colored (bottom plug is rear). This to me meant oil burning, but in the only 8k miles we owned the car, I didn't notice any oil consumption. The #4 piston has a hole in it from a hung valve contact.
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The plugs looked to be the factory NGK DILFR6J, but the maintenance minder never popped for me to replace them, so I thought I was good, obviously not.
I ordered an engine from a 2010 Canadian spec car, and have not been able to source catalytic converters, because I'd like to replace them while the engine is out. Any tips or help is appreciated from you all. I'll keep this thread updated as I go along in dropping the engine and fitting the new one. I've ordered a factory service manual, but I'm going to have to rent an engine hoist to support/lower the engine.
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Total cost so far:
Tow (Geico covered)
Diagnosis $100
Coils and Plugs - I fired the part cannon first...:( $534.21
Tow 2nd time $140
Diagnosis 2nd $140
Uhaul Tow dolly $49
Engine $1170
Repair Manual $65.40
Associated parts for Engine replacement $191.71
Total = $2390.32

I earmarked the manuals for quick reference and ordered all the parts we'll need today. Hopefully, we can keep the budget under $3000. The cheapest quote I got to replace the engine was over $4k. The engine mounting, subframe mounting, and axle fasteners all call out for replacement. I'm also going to replace the front and rear main seals as they'll be straightforward. Hopefully, I can squirt off the front crankcase bolt with my 1/2" impact. We'll see Does anyone have a crank holder tool that I could borrow? 馃槄

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The warranty with the engine requires the oil pickup cleaned, and I think that's good practice as well.

I lifted the engine using ratchet straps and my garage rafters, albeit not the most conventional method, but it worked great. Cleaned the oil pan, inspected the bottom of the cylinders, and oil pickup, all is well.

Ordered some more parts so the cost has gone up a little bit.

Crank holder $14.61
Oil pan gasket parts $27.36
Total $2432.29
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