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hello all

In May of this year i purchased a 2000 insight w/15K mi on it.

With gas currently @ 2.55 a gallon (i live in San Diego)
My purchase was rather timely.
I have driven many miles so far and have enjoyed driving the car,
the gas milage is amazing (my avg is 60MPG).

however...and this may sound petty.
but I find that the lack of a real foot rest is becoming an issue for me.
as well as an arm rest (which i have recently purchased).

I have seen posts in the past about a guy who was making them. however I havent been able to find any for purchase. can some one point me in the right direction?

and heres a side question. If i install an arm rest, foot rest, dynamat extreme (for road noise reduction) in the doors. Do any of you think my MPG will go down?

I already have an after market cd player, amp under the passenger seat and a sub in the CD changer area.

thanks in advance


Hi Unclescrewtape:

___Just contact Jim Holmgren via PM here and he should be able to set you up if he has any left. I would do this immediately however as I believe he will not be making any more. There are other less attractive dead pedal alternatives just in case he (Jim) cannot hook you up.

___For the arm rest, Husco makes a nice one for our little beauties. I installed it almost immediately after purchasing my own and it has been the most ergonomically useful mod of all I have seen to date.

___The amp and sub you added will have a far greater impact on lowering your fuel economy (however negligible it is) then the dead pedal, arm rest, and some well placed dynamat. The best thing for you to do is slow down and learn how to drive your new wonder for maximum fuel economy using the little game gauge Honda so smartly included. It is well worth taking the time to study that gauge over the next few months and re-learn how to drive all over again. The knowledge gained is simply priceless!

___Good Luck with your Insight.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:hja6gtxj][email protected][/email:hja6gtxj]


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You won't likely see the difference in mileage, but if you haven't raised the pressure in your tires and switched to synthetic oil, do so and you will probably see a little increase.
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