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The Insight Gets A Well Deserved Rest

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Goody, just got a new job, so instead of commuting 700 miles a week in the Insight, I'll be doing a whopping 50miles a week, that's assuming I don't actually ride to work.

So the old girl gets a break from her 36000 miles a year slog & will keep some sensinble milage from now on.
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Mark Elvin said:
...a whopping 50 miles a week...
That's what, 5 miles each way, 5 days a week? I'd walk or bicycle in all but the worst weather.
Congratulations on the new job. If you'd care to elaborate, feel free to PM or e-mail me!
citrus 2001?

Hi Mark-

I see your sig says Citrus 2001. Did they make a citrus in 2001 or did you have yours painted?


Nope, it came like that, it was Honda UK's press demonstrator for a year.
I have a similar situation, I've been averaging over 40k miles(a year) for the past 2 years. Now that i've started working out of home I'm putting on at most 100 miles per week. Hopefully my dream of driving this car over 300k miles will come true(in about 20 years at this rate).
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